Is it better to get start with ASP.NET core (ASP.NET 5 old name ) as a new Developer?

Published on Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I am just a beginner in the web development ,I did some search and came to know the following things.

What is the Difference between ASP.NET core 1.0 and other ASP.NET versions?

ASP.NET core is a completely rewritten form Scratch and Open-source and having some new functionality .All the ASP.NET Things (MVC , Web API, SingnalR) are unified under the same umbrella which as called the ASP.NET core. Starting form ASP.NET core 1.0 it supports different ways to add package ,Dependencies and other third party library support(bower ).

Currently its in the development, RC1 is already released in NOV ,RC2 will be release soon but not yet determined.

Update : current version of ASP.NET core is 1.1

What is the difference between ASP.NET and other Web Development Platform?

ASP.NET is a Web Development framework from Microsoft which support wide range of Programming language means that you can write your business logics any one of the .NET language (C#, Visual Basic and F# but Currently it only supports c# other language support is coming).

Where as other Web Development platform is confined to a single programming language , like PHP, Ruby on Rails.

What are the benefits of getting start with ASP.NET core ?

At this point you already knew that ASP.NET can be programmed in any of the .NET language .It supports C# and It is 1st priority of the ASP.NET creator to support C#. When you are choosing C# for the ASP.NET means you are also opening door for System Apps/Software Development, Yes you can develop Apps for IOS,MAC,ANDROID and off course for the windows Platforms.

Update : Now c# Developer can Develop Apps for the SAMSUNG TIZEN OS


At last I wanna say that if you are planning to Develops Web Apps then ASP.NET is one of the Good choice to get start and later if you wanna Develops Apps for the Particular platforms (Windows, MAC,IOS and ANDRIOD)then you can switch and Develops Apps for the Windows, MAC,IOS and ANDRIOD with your C# skills just knowing some UI/UX which is Platforms Dependent in the Current days.

Here is some Online courses and Its better to get start with these courses.(You must know C# and HTML/CSS before getting start with these courses)

  1. Building a Web App with ASP.NET 5, MVC 6, EF7 and AngularJS (need subscription. you may get 3–6 moths subscription free through Microsoft Dev Essential Program)
  2. Introduction to ASP.NET core(MVA course Free of cost ).

If you have any question regarding the above things you can ask me , I will me very happy to clear your doubts.