A Year Before and Ahead

Published on Friday, 29 December 2017

With new year on the corner, everyone is writing and planning a roadmap for their next year. I have also decided to review 2017 and plan about 2018. Before this, I was not planning and thinking about what to do in the up-coming next year.

A Year ahead and before

Well, overall my 2017 was good. I did so many things. When I look back, it looks like 2017 might be a better than it was, just with some more effort and tendency to do more.

Education and College

Well, in this year 2017, I graduated from college as a Computer Science and Engineering student, and, officially I’m not a student anymore. Although, I’m not a student anymore, and, I haven’t planned for post-graduation yet, So I may, or may not be the student again in a particular educational institution, but, as a person, I will always be a student.

I’m never going stop learning neither anyone should.

Software development

This is the area of my interest and Mostly I have spent my time in learning and exploring ASP.NET Core and other supporting back-end technologies of ASP.NET Core. In the early days of my Engineering, I was thinking of choosing Java as my core development languages and later ended up choosing C# as my core development language and I’m happy with my choice.

I did try to learn some front-end technologies in the 2017 but I didn’t put more effort into those technologies so that, I can learn and explore those technologies. So, in the software field, mostly, I have developed web API using asp.net core.

Software development goals for 2018

  1. Continuing exploration of ASP.NET Core and .NET Core.
  2. Learning about Docker and kubernetes.
  3. Learning about Xamarin.
  4. Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science.


The year 2017 was so good for me in the matter of health. After taking medicine for years and drinking a lot of water and avoiding red meat, I got rid of kidney stones problem which I had in my left kidney. So now, I’m a kidney stone, free guy. I was always afraid of that pain in my stomach that it may start any time. Trust me that pain was so much more powerful and It didn’t stop till I had to take two injections just to kill that pain. Fortunately or Unfortunately, whatever you say it, I had to face this pain one time. So, I’m suggesting everyone drink as much as water they can drink to away from such issue.

Well, I got rid of stone but I was not able to gain some weight and still I’m a super thin person.

Health goals for 2018

  1. Gaining weight and maintaining an average of 55KG throughout the year.
  2. Drinking at least 5 liters of water per day.

Freelancing and Professional Career

Well, I did signup on Upwork to start in freelancing in the year 2015 but at that time I was not capable of doing any work and in the area of software development so I did a couple of work on upwork platform like testing chatbot and stuff.

In the year 2017, I maintain my profile as an ASP.NET Core developer and started applying for the job related to the ASP.NET Core technologies well I didn’t have any feedback on my profile related to the ASP.NET core so my application for jobs didn’t get the good response from the hiring manager.

Fortunately, In the last of July, I got an invitation to work as an ASP.NET Core web API developer and that changed my freelancing career. Thanks to my BOOS, Kayes Islam for giving me an opportunity to work, learn and guiding me through the software development method and lots more.

Now, My job success rate is 100% on UpWork and It’s awesome.

Freelancing and Professional Career Goals for 2018

  1. getting Top rated Batch on UpWork(before March) and Maintaining that.
  2. Earning decent salary.

Everything Else

I think writing article is good for an author as well as for readers. I had plan to write at least two articles every month but I didn’t. Certainly, I don’t wanna repeat such thing again in the upcoming months/year.

I stayed in the Andhra Pradesh, a south state of India for almost 4 years where most of the people speak Telugu language but I didn’t learn that language except few statements, I had an opportunity to learn and explore Telugu language but I didn’t.

Most of the people in my circles believes that I’m not good at talking with people and It takes me more time to get familiar with new people and places, so, I definitely wanna overcome this.

Everything Else Goals for 2018

  1. At least writing two article per month with awesome content.
  2. Improving my English.
  3. I will try my best to be good at talking with people.
  4. Don’t wanna miss an opportunity to learn about cultural and places.
  5. Improve person to person network.

There are some people who helped me, directly and indirectly, to learn and explore .NET Core technologies and more.

My BOOS (Kayes Islam)
Shawn Wildermuth
Julie Lerman
Scott Hanselman
David Fowler
Jon Galloway
Damian Edwards
Janak Shrestha

There are so many people whose blogs /Talks helped me directly or indirectly thanks to all of you and sorry for not mentation twitter handler here, List will be so long. At last I wanna thank everyone (Family , Friends )for help, support and more.

Thank you

Happy New Year 2018!